Medical Grade Sanitary Tattoo Practices

We don't want to brag too hard but if the tattoo industry gave a grade for hygiene and sanitary practices we would get an A+. We take pride in having the cleanliness and sanitary practices you'll want for your tattoo experiences. We could write a small book of all the things we've done to ensure we are a safe, sanitary space that you know is the cleanest environment for your experience. Well, we could but who would want to read it? Instead here's a quick breakdown of some of our shop's features: *True HEPA filtration system that purifies entire room once every 15 minutes *UV light sanitization station for personal effects, cash, etc. *No touch hand washing station and trash cans *Latex free gloves *Twice daily full shop sanitization of all surfaces. **Modified/done between each client during peak Covid restrictions. *Sharps disposal by tattoo industry company of excellence M.A.G.4U   *Saniderm (medical grade, waterproof tattoo bandages) used for faster healing and reduced scabbing

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