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Personalized Tattoos

Quality Tattoos & Tattoo Art

We started tattooing in 2004 and have been working in the Central Coast for over fourteen years. Our unique tattoo artists perform premium-grade tattoo designs and ideas for any & all parts of the body. For 20 years in the industry our professional tattoo artist pride themselves on excellent customer service and ...
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Medical Sanitation Standards

For most people, a tattoo is something for forever. That’s why we can’t imagine giving our clients anything less than the best tattoo designs and ideas. If you choose us for your tattoo, you can rest assured that you’re getting a great piece of body art tattoo from professional tattoo artist experts. If you’re ...
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Medical Grade Sanitary Tattoo Practices

We don't want to brag too hard but if the tattoo industry gave a grade for hygiene and sanitary practices we would get an A+. We take pride in having the cleanliness and sanitary practices you'll want for your tattoo experiences. We could write a small book of all the things we've done to ensure we are a safe, ...
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